Content Creation: Video

It’s the core marketing tool we use to help you promote your business or services.

Video marketing is expected to experience an 80% increase over the next 5 years. Videos convert incredibly well to new customers, improve your search engine optimisation, and clearly convey your product and services.

Black Hole – Video Production Reel

A compilation of our best video productions.

Santa Lucia Restaurant – Glasgow

Promotional video made for the Italian Restaurant Santa Lucia to promote their new menu.

Lodka Restaurant – Moscow

Amazing opening party of this glamorous Asian restaurant situated in downtown Moscow.

The Big Lunch – Glasgow

TV advert created for The Big Lunch Community Project.

The FireStorm – Glasgow

TV advert filmed for FireStorm Fireplace Specialists. Aired on STV.

Elite Falconry – Glasgow

Commercial made for Elite Falconry which was broadcast by STV.

Buzzing – Amsterdam

Buzzing offers smart drone services in Amsterdam. We help them edit their aerial footage.

Stellar Musical Theatre – Glasgow

We had a fantastic time filming these young dancers performing “School Of Rock”.

Tom Brown – Showreel

Tom is a brilliant production designer and art director who worked on many Hollywood films.

AngielskiOnline – Glasgow

Explainer video made for AngielskiOnline. It was embedded into the company’s  website.

Gordonstoun Summer School – Elgin

One of many short promotional video made to promote the prestigious summer school on social media.

Scotia Sourcing & Retail – Glasgow

A whiteboard animation made for Scotia Sourcing to promote a better understanding of their services.

Deery Funerals  – Edinburgh

TV advert made for Deery Funerals and aired on STV.

Gaulds Funeral Directors – Crieff

A promotional video made to advertise Gaulds services online.

Hili Ventures – Edinburgh

Highlights video made for Hili Ventures during their 2020 annual meeting.

Minimotard Wintercup 2019 – Moscow

Highlights video made to promote the Minimotard Wintercup in Moscow, Russia.

Case Studies

Content Creation: Photography

Pictures complement your website and enrich your advertisement campaigns.

Images are always better at capturing attention than a slogan or headline, because they can potentially say more than a thousand words. Impress your clients with stunning photos that help them appreciate what you have to offer.