Pildora is a New York based marketplace for emerging sustainable fashion brands. Their focus is on environmental consciousness and social impact. Their mission is to lead a positive impact revolution by connecting impactful brands from all over the world with conscious consumers who are ready to make a bold statement through their fashion, values and ethics.

We started working with them a couple of years ago. They had just begun and were looking for someone to help them edit their videos for Instagram and Youtube. Pildora’s founder Christina Almeida wanted to find someone locally in NY but in the meantime decided to hire a remote video editor.

We saw their post online and offered our help for what was supposed to be a temporary collaboration. After the first couple of videos though, Christina was so impressed with our editing skills that decided to hire us permanently as their in-house video editing team.

We have been working together ever since, editing over the course of the last two years an astonishing amount of videos and live streamings.


Youtube, Instagram

What We Did

Brainstorming, Video Editing, Motion Graphics.

Pildora Fashionability 2019

New York City – USA

Highlights Video

FashionAbility 2019 took place this past February during New York Fashion Week at the World of McIntosh, a five-story townhouse in SoHo. There were over 300 attendees. The goal was to bring eclectic thinkers together to experience sustainability through new art forms.

Pildora – Zero Waste Daniel

New York City – USA

Editorial Video

Meet Daniel Silverstein, the visionary behind Zero Waste Daniel, in Brooklyn, New York. Daniel is a pioneer in the Zero Waste movement, garnering support from celebrities and publications across the globe for his genderless, ethically made clothing.

Pildora Social Media Ads

For Instagram

Motion Graphics

A series of short video ads to promote the brand on Instagram and reach new potential designers.

Pildora Art X Event

New York City – USA

Promotional Video

ARTxFASHION was held at The Canvas in Williamsburg New York City. The purpose of the event was to showcase various New York City artists’ greatest pieces and to announce Pildora’s marketplace.

Pildora Social Media Mix

New York City – USA

Collage of different videos

A collage of several videos edited for Pildora in the last couple of years.