Located in the heart of Glasgow’s City Centre, Sugo Pasta is a bustling open space restaurant that seats over 200 people. Their team of 25 chefs use authentic ingredients to create exceptional regional Italian pasta dishes. Diners can watch their dishes being cooked in the open kitchen.

In the summer of 2020 they have decided to widen their offer and create a new range of products called “Sugo at home”. It isn’t a simple home delivery but more of a culinary experience. You order online and get all the ingredients you need to produce the dish delivered to your place in a fancy box. You have your fresh pasta, your pre-cooked sauce, parmesan cheese and a leaflet that tells you how to put everything together.

We were asked to produce all the digital content needed to launch the first online menu, from video recipes and pictures of the dishes to promotional social media ads and corporate videos.

The job, from planning and pre-production to editing and final delivery took almost 2 months. We produced a total of more than 20 videos and a full set of pictures.


Instagram, Facebook, Website

What We Did

Brainstorming, Filming, Photography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics.

Opening Teasers

Glasgow – UK

Promotional Videos

One of the two teasers we made to promote the restaurant reopening after the lockdown. The first was a short version that was posted to gain some traction, while this longer version was used as the reopening got closer.

Sugo at home advert

Glasgow – UK

Promotional Videos

One of several ads made to promote the new “Sugo at home” range on social media. The concept of the video was to show how you could get the same food quality you experience at the restaurant delivered directly to your doorstep.

Sugo at home delivery advert

Glasgow – UK

Promotional Videos

Video advert made to showcase the new “Sugo at home” range. In this video we focused on the beauty of the packaging, the quality of the ingredients and the simplicity of the preparation.

Food Photography

Some of the pictures that were used on social media and the restaurant website.


Glasgow – UK

Corporate Videos

A short interview filmed with Sugo’s owner Paul Stevenson to discuss all things Sugo Pasta. We made a series of three short corporate videos such as this one to talk about different aspects of the business.

Pasta Demos

Glasgow – UK

Video Recipes

Sugo’s chef Giuseppe takes you through the steps needed to prepare all the pasta dishes in the “Sugo at home” new menu. We made a total of 9 demos that were used as additional guidance on the restaurant website.